Feb. 13, Haslett High School on a cloudy Monday afternoon.

Student unions celebrate Black History Month

On Tuesday Feb. 7, the Meridian Township board passed a resolution in support of Black History Month. As a district, Meridian Township is very diverse and is proud of the black heritage in its community. “Our district is also frequently looking for ways to further educate students on the importance of acceptance,” said Brixie. Brixie, is the treasurer of Meridian Township.

One student stands up among the others to voice her opinion on what the community needs to do and what she has experienced in the last day since Donald Trump became the President-elect.

“The Day After”

MSU students gather for “The Day After” event hosted at MSU’s Business Complex. Students came to listen to a selected panel of staff and MSU community members speak about their thoughts and feelings of the happenings on election day.

Bernie Sanders rally

Senator Bernie Sanders visits Michigan State University campus on October 6th to rally support for Democratic presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton.