Watch Focal Point: Special Election Coverage

On this special election episode of Focal Point News, we break down everything leading up one of the most anticipated midterm election in years. From campaign trails to ballot proposals, Focal Point dissects each candidate, their values and what they would bring to Michigan’s leadership. The state was star-studded the weeks leading up to the election with appearances from past and present government officials including Vice President Mike Pence and former President Barack Obama. Some of the proposals on the ballot this year revolved around gerrymandering, the legalization of recreational marijuana and easier voting registration. All this and more on this election edition of Focal Point News.

A long, rewarding day for election inspectors

The polls may open at 7 a.m., but for election inspectors, Election Day begins much earlier. East Lansing Precinct 2 Captain Bob Ulrich is the first to arrive, typically getting to Martin Luther Chapel around 5 a.m. His fellow poll workers come at 6 a.m. and stay until the final ballot is processed, well after 8 p.m. In between, they assisted way more voters than usual.

Brody Hall was the voting precinct for many Michigan State University students, some of whom cast their votes for the first time today.

First-time voters cast their ballots in midterm races

At 10 a.m, the lines to vote at Brody Hall were filled with first-time voters looking to make their voices heard. Muskegon native Nicole Bernard said she was excited to be able to vote for the first time. “I want to share my voice and be heard,” said Bernard, who had just finished casting her vote. One of the reasons she said she voted was to vote yes on Proposal 1, which would legalize recreational marijuana. Voters will decide three statewide ballot proposals in Michigan, including the marijuana proposal and proposals that would change how Michigan draws legislative and congressional districts and to change some election rules.

A sign at Precinct 12 at the MSU Union in East Lansing.

Voters head to polls on Election Day

In Michigan, voters will elect a new governor, attorney general and secretary of state, as well as members of the boards of Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. Michigan Voters also will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use and whether to create an independent commission to draw voting districts.

The city of Williamston prepares for Tuesday’s election

The election on Tuesday will end the contentious race to recall four members of the school board spurred by a transgender policy passed by the board. The race- which seeks to recall Sarah Belanger, Christopher Lewis, Nancy Deal and Greg Talberg, has galvanized the community but could result in higher voter turnout to the polls as a result.

Michelle Eichler, who has worked to get the current school board re-elected, said she was somewhat cynical about the sustainability of voter engagement after the midterm election. “They need to get out and vote, if they don’t vote things will change, and I don’t see them changing for the better,” Eichler said. Eichler said that some people might not be engaged on either side of the school board debate enough to get out to the polls and vote for members of the school board. “Most of the community, this is a whatever button,” Eichler said.

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