Gun issues find way into 2018 races

Guns have been a hot topic of discussions in several recent election cycles. As the 2018 election winds down, here’s a rundown of what some candidates in the hotly contested governor and 8th congressional district races have been saying about gun rights and gun control in Michigan.

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On this week’s Focal Point News, the synagogue attack brought people all across the country together, including here in East Lansing. Plus, Bill Schuette and Gretchen Whitmer go head-to-head in the Governor’s race. Past government officials came to Michigan to try and bring home votes to their party. A big change coming to MSU fraternities with hopes of a better future. Also, some students raised hundred of dollars for a charity through a haunted house.

Schuette, Whitmer go head-to-head in final debate

Michigan’s candidates for governor had their final debate in Detroit days before the election. The standoff was nothing short of tense. The two fired back against each other regarding some of the hot topics affecting the state. “When I’m governor of Michigan, there will be no sanctuary cities and Gretchen Whitmer, she has her way, Michigan will be a sanctuary state,” Republican, Bill Schuette, said. “Don’t listen to that nonsense,” said Democrat, Gretchen Whitmer.

Who will be Michigan’s next Governor?

The race is on for governor and rapidly approaching. Some are calling this the most important mid-term election in decades. On November 6th, voters will decide if Democrat Gretchen Whitmer or Republican Bill Schuette will become Michigan’s next governor. 

“She’s got a plan to fix our roads, she’s got a plan to protect preexisting conditions she’s got a plan for clean water, these are the issues that people care about,” said Paul Kanan,  the Michigan Democratic Party communications director and press secretary. “You look at what Rep have done that last 8 years here in Michigan. We’ve frozen tuition to keep college affordable, and we believe that with certain reforms we can keep college affordable for young people,” said Tony Zammit, Deputy Communications Director for the Michigan Republican Party.

Students weigh gubernatorial candidates, proposals

Michigan gubernatorial candidates Democratic Sen. Gretchen Whitmer and Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette had a live televised debate in Detroit on Oct. 24. Students around campus gathered to watch it, and some said they were shocked by some of the comments.

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On this week’s Focal Point News, an overview of issues on November’s ballot. Plus we have an update on a student who was killed a few weeks ago. Fraternity’s ban hard alcohol above 15% at Greek life events. MSU played its biggest rival, University of Michigan, twice this past week. Those stories and more on this week’s Focal Point.

Whitmer reaches out to young voters at MSU

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Gretchen Whitmer spoke to the Michigan State University College Democrats at Wells Hall on Tuesday, Sept. 18, with running mate Garlin Gilchrist and the Democratic candidate for Michigan’s Eighth Congressional district, Elissa Slotkin.

Flint water crisis lawsuit targets Snyder

Video by Adam J. Taylor
Article by Sheena Marvin
MI First Election

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and several defendants are facing a lawsuit filed on behalf of hundreds of residents of Flint, the city still healing from a water contamination crisis. The lawsuit, filed April 6 in U.S District Court in Flint, is one of several against Michigan officials. Many Michigan voters blame Snyder and other state officials for how mishandling the Flint water crisis and problems in Detroit public schools. In 2014, the city of Flint switched from using the Detroit water supply to using the Flint River. That water and the way it was treated led to Flint’s lead pipes poisoning the town.