Supreme Court mulls more privacy in protection order cases


Capital News Service

LANSING — After some courts failed to comply with federal law, a proposed rule by the Michigan’s Supreme Court aims to stop courts from posting individuals’ personal information on the Internet.

“The point of it is to protect individuals that might be the victims of stalking or other crimes,” said John Nevin, communications director for the court.

But some judges worry the new rule is redundant and too vague.

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More online classes on the horizon


Capital News Service

LANSING – Would you send your child to an online virtual school?

Many schools around the state are now offering supplemental courses online.

“Having these classes has only enriched the curriculum,” said Scott Moellenberndt, superintendent of Blissfield Community Schools.

The district has added foreign language options that it could not afford before.

“We are not losing any money at all,” said Moellenberndt of the extra classes.

In June, Gov. Rick Snyder signed a law that allows students in grades 5-12 with parent or guardian consent to sign up for two online classes. Starting in November, an online catalogue will be available to students and schools, along with syllabi.

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