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Bullying crosses borders

By Tommy Franz
Staff writer 

According to research published in 2009, America trails several other countries in incidents of bullying.  European countries continue to struggle with this epidemic just as much, if not more than Americans.Research conducted in Germany provided evidence that more than 18% of students between the ages of six and 19 are affected by bullying, with an additional 5% being impacted by cyberbullying.  Recent news reports coming out of Germany also discuss the vicious nature of some bullying attacks in schools.

Tolgahan Dilgin, a Ph.D student in political science at Michigan State who is originally from Turkey, recalled how he witnessed bullying in Germany as a youth.

“As a teenager, you know, they aren’t always the happiest of people, so I was questioning life and the world and everything.  I was asking myself, has humanity died, what’s going on,” Dilgin said.  “The summer when I was 14 or 15 I went to Germany for a youth camp, and then I found the answer to my question.  Yes humanity has died.”

Dilgin said that the kind of bullying he encountered in Germany was beyond his imagination.