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  1. emily wardill says:

    I’m as Peer Mentor at Headlands School and I am completely against bullying.
    I have used these statistics in my Powerpoint against bullying to show in Assemblies as it’s Anti Bullying week on the 19th-24th October.

    As a Peer Mentor myself, I have had a lot of home problems and school issues too,I am in year 10 and I have spent most of my time down at Peer Mentoring and have got a lot out of been here and I still persue to carry on.
    I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be able to talk aboutmy problems and to have lots of people there to suport me.

    Headlands School is one of the ones that do have Peer Mentoring but there are lots of schools that don’t have Peer Mentoring and we are trying to get it into most schools as it really helps students with any problems, somewhere to feel safe and somewhere where they know they can be themselves and not feel like they are going to be judged.

  2. Andree Hidalgo says:


    I’m an 18+ year Master’s degreed veteran teacher of middle school and high school students and coach middle school cheerleaders. I have a beautiful 7th grade daughter who has had her struggles with “mean girl” stuff at times, yet we often discuss her actions and how they may have contributed in some way.

    She’s actually doing a Social Studies Fair project on the possibility of the word “bullying” overused, because of it the VERY huge disparity and widening gap of what is to be considered “bullying” behavior. I’d love to hear what others think. There are so many ways to look at it. And having grown up in the 80’s, when bullying was definitely a concern, but probably underreported, I often wonder if things are sometimes taken too far and reported as “bullying”, when it just may be poor problem-solving and/or ability to cope with a tough situation that may not really fall into a category of bullying—but how can we define those categories? Though, I never want to take away from the true concern of actual bullying, as we know it is a REAL concern for many.
    What do you think???

    Thank you for your time!

    • Amanda Heath says:

      Hi Andree,

      I completely agree that bullying is overused. Kids, and adults, are sometimes mean or hurtful, but not everything is bullying. I am currently attempting to write a paper on the overuse of the term, but am finding it very difficult to find information with specific incidences of bullying recorded. There are statistics with different types of bullying and their corresponding percentages, but not whether any of these incidences are REPETITIVE. Which is a key ingredient in properly labeling something as bullying. It can’t simply be one kid shoving past another in the hallway, or kids disagreeing about something on the playground. I have kids in school from elementary age to high school and it is so frustrating to see good kids labeled as bullies because they had an argument with another child.



  3. Alex Math says:

    Bullying is social problem and should be handled with all attention required.

  4. Aandelen Kopen says:

    Bullying is part of being at school or at the workplace. You can try to ban it but you could also try a better approach. Make it a better environment where workers or children are more dependent on eachother. Bullying should be taken care of in the psychological way, not by making more rules.

  5. Hanna says:

    Hello, my name is Hanna and I am 17, I myself have been through bullying, and am still currently getting bullied. I am judged each and everyday for something that happened a year ago that I couldn’t control. Action needs to be taken a lot more. I have often had many thoughts of suicide because the bullying got way to much for me to handle…. Nothing about bullying is right, and I honestly don’t think that a lot of people take it seriously until its to late. I don’t think many people really understand how bad it really is and how much worse it is getting. There should really be a lot more done and a lot more people paying attention and watching students and peer carefully, maybe get them alone and talk to them and see if anything is going on. Take more precautions and be more aware and more observant. I know that is easier said than done because I never let my emotions show. I would always hide them from everyone, but that still doesn’t mean someone couldn’t tell that something was wrong. I may not have shown it, but people could tell when I was having a bad day. As I have said before, I just don’t think people really take bullying seriously. More people should be aware of the the consequences of bullying and understand that what they say, can never be taken back, they can’t take back the damage that has already been done. Making more rules against bullying doesn’t mean people are going to follow these rules. Innocent children take their life, because immediate action isn’t taking place. If more people start suffering the consequences of bullying and more people realize, hey maybe this is serious and we need to start paying attention to our actions, they will start to see that it’s not right, and they need to stop before more consequences are being put into action.

    • Chris davis says:

      Why do people bully it is so wrong but people should not be juged because of what there waring or what they look like there is girl i know named mone and she killed her self because she got bullied so all the bullies out there why do you bully people have you got bullied befor if so its not ok to bully because you got bullied so people need to watch what you say

  6. Aryanna says:

    Hello, my name is Aryanna, and I myself have been bullied since elementary. All the bullying that has happened to me has lead me to self-harm, attempt suicide and push everyone away from me. No one should ever have to go through what many people (including me) have gone through. No one ever deserves to get bullied, and it can really harm someone. For those people out there that think they are alone, you aren’t, I promise. Things get better, trust me.

  7. BULLYING IS UNWANTED .Some of the people at young age could give up their life because of bullying. Their must be supervision , parents who would care about their children. One of my GREAT wish :BULLYING would end.

  8. Addison says:

    i just want to say i’m so sorry for everyone on here who has been bullied at some point. i have not been bullied but i understand how it can affect someone i have gone through something similar to being bullied but he doesn’t know he’s doing it. i know its not bullying but it has similar affects that hurts. some advice that i have is stay close to your friends and to the people you love because having them is better that fighting back or falling apart. also everyone wants bullying to end but everyone should know that it wont. the one thing we can do is stop in where we are ant start from there.

  9. Shashank says:

    bullying is not at all good. No one should ever have to go through what many people (including me) have gone through. No one ever deserves to get bullied, and it can really harm someone.

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