This project on bullying was launched by an advanced journalism class at Michigan State University in January, 2012, the month after Michigan passed anti-bullying legislation. The class is developing this website and a book, to be published in April, 2012.

A key part of our effort has been to anticipate the needs of readers and to provide the information and solutions they are looking for. We welcome your comments and suggestions here and throughout the site.

Thank you.

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  1. Michelle Boleski says:

    I am a victim of workplace bullying, I am 52 and unemployed. I had a great career until I was supervised by my predator. He had a history of going after women in their 50s and no one would listen. They said is was a personal issue. I was Vermont art teacher of the year in 2005 and I resigned last year under duress.


  2. Ebrar Zehra Aktolga says:

    Dear Sir or Madam;

    My name is Nursena and I am from Turkey. Me and my friends are making a project for Comenius(Erasmus+) and our project is based on bullying. We want to raise awareness about this. So many teenagers are exposed to physical and pyschological violence because of their skin color, religion, opinions etc. and because all of these they end up with sucidal thoughts. So we are looking for paetners who can support our work and help us make our goals come true. We are sick of seeing people who are in our age get hurt because of this serious problem and it’s very gut-wrenching for us. If you want to help us demolish this word “bullying” you can contact me from the following adress:

    Yours faithfully,


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