Get ‘The New Bullying’ book

Much of this website is now available in a variety of book editions.

* Paperback edition from Amazon

* Kindle edition with text-to-speech enabled, on Amazon

* Nook edition, Barnes & Noble

* Google Play

* Also available on iBooks (iTunes).

6 Responses to Get ‘The New Bullying’ book

  1. Denyse Bening says:

    Looking forward to this coming out in paperback.

  2. […] site is great. The New Bullying is about cyberbullying and is produced as both a web site and a book which you can download. Although the videos are about school children, bullying occurs everywhere […]

  3. Pat McArdle says:

    I am trying to gather some more info re: bullying. I am working with the H.S. resourse officer to try to get a program ready for Sept. I have the assistance of several retired teachers from our system willing to work on plan. Any help you can send to me will be appreciated. We are mostly interested in targeting the primary and middle school students. We have 3 elementary school and only one resource officer to be at these school plus the H.S. Not an easy task, Thank you in advance.

  4. […] “The New Bullying” was for sale as a $9.95 Nook download on Barnes Noble on April 19. Within days, it was available for Amazon’s Kindle. We ordered 40 print copies. I downloaded “The New Bullying” into the Kindle apps on my iPhone and iPad, and we passed the book around during our last week of class. It is up on Google Play. It is in iTunes. The print books were mailed to their authors. […]

  5. Lisa says:

    Gotta grab a copy, and I think mompreneurs/ bloggers should also promote this book.

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