Hazing definitions: Legal, social, academic

One teen boy bullies another inside a school locker room.

Define hazing clearly to find a solution

The definition of hazing might have is as a tradition or ritual that social groups or teams display to show superiority or social hierarchy. Any hazing definition also includes issues of power, control and status. Hazing is sometimes called organized or group bullying.

The definition of hazing now varies by group or type of activity, but looking at a few examples of hazing, as this site does, will help lead to a hazing definition that is best suited to your situation.

For ideas about hazing and its definition, try these pages:

* New Wave: Anti-hazing laws

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* Many universities have hazing definitions. Here is just one example, from Dartmouth.

* Delaware’s hazing definition is predicated on its creation as a law under the state’s education code.

* Utah law defines hazing in slightly different ways and carries harsher penalties.

* National Survey of Sports Teams gives statistics on hazing.

* Myths and facts about hazing from the University of Kansas.

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