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Bath Truck or Treat to give children safe fun

A hearse is just one of the many vehicles passing out goods at Bath's Truck or Treat.

A hearse is just one of the many vehicles passing out goods at Bath’s Truck or Treat.

The holiday of Halloween might have once been a night dedicated to those of youth, but has become a time for adults. Many wonder where children come into play for this once youthful holiday.

Bath Township, a small rural town where door to door trick or treating is close to impossible, is set to hold an annual event where kids are the focus of the night. Truck or Treat, once centered on an opportunity for large trucks and rigs to appear in a car show as well as provide treats for kids, will be held at the Bath Elementary school parking lot.

““It gives an opportunity, especially in some rural areas, for kids to trick or treat,” said Bath Elementary principal Zachary Strickler. “I grew up in a rural setting and I know what it’s like. You come to one central location and it gives the students an opportunity to get a lot of treats without being too spread out.”

Events like Truck or Treat to LaVelle Gipson – Tansil, Senior Academic Specialist of Child Development at Michigan State University, are limiting children of communities.

“I think what we’ve done is not taught children safe and unsafe kinds of things. When we take children to artificial settings, we take them from communities they are aware of,” said Tansil.

This event, put on by Bath Township Parks and Recreation, will host area businesses. The businesses will have the opportunity to pass out treats to children as well as promoting themselves through business cards and potential giveaways.

“This is more for the kids but it’s a great opportunity for businesses to get their name out there,” said Bath Parks and Recreation Director, and Truck and Treat coordinator, Becky Goodwin.

With the difficulty of living in a rural town, Truck or Treat may lend an opportunity for children to experience a true Halloween.

“The kids can come and trick or treat in one location so that they’re not walking around,” said Goodwin. “They approach a vehicle and whoever that business happens to be hands them candy.”

According to Tansil, this activity limits children from a true cultural experience and discovery. Media seems to have played a role in events such as Truck or Treat and the desire to strongly uphold children’s safety.

“Media sharing devastating information is instantaneous. Media sells and we don’t hear about all the wonderful things that children are experiencing in the world,” said Tansil. “The media can be a wonderful tool to help parents successfully or make them hysterical.”

According to Goodwin, numbers are down within Bath for trick or treating. With the rise in local subdivisions numbers are increasing due to the ability for children to safely walk around.

Truck or Treat will focus on children’s safety. The event, once held at Bath Corners Shopping Mall, is placed in Bath Elementary School’s parking lot so that no traffic is allowed to enter.

Truck or Treat will be held on Monday, October 26, 2013 from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. at Bath Elementary parking lot. The event will be moved to Bath Middle School in event of poor weather.

Bath Charter Township's Parks and Recreation put on the event Oct. 26.

Bath Charter Township’s Parks and Recreation put on the event Oct. 26.

Children from Bath area schools enjoy the goodies of  the event.

Children from Bath area schools enjoy the goodies of the event.


Truck-or-Treat attracts large crowd

By Lynne Werner
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

Truck-or-Treat Contest Booth

The contest table at Bath's Truck-or-Treat event. Pumpkin donated by Andy T's Farms and carved by Tom and Betsy Miller.

BATH, Mich. – Bath Township’s annual Truck-or-Treat on Oct. 24 drew in hundreds of children and their families, all decked out in their Halloween best.  Bath Township Parks and Recreation has organized the event for five or six years.

The event was held at Bath Elementary School parking lot this year.  It has previously been held in the shopping center parking lot on the corner of Clark and Webster, but was moved because the school lot offered more room, said the event’s coordinator Becky Goodwin, who has been running the event for the past three years.  The middle school’s lot was used for parking for the event, which left the whole elementary lot for the trick-or-treaters, and made it a much safer environment for the kids, Goodwin said.