Supplement use in young athletes is not a big concern for local schools

Okemos and Haslett High School football players put a lot of work in the off-season to try to be stronger than their opponents. There are many ways to achieve that goal: summer camps, good dieting, weight lifting and taking supplements. However, there are many supplements in the industry, promising many different results. “I stay away from fast foods, tend to eat balanced meals and eat enough food throughout the day,” Okemos High School senior football player Domonique Clerkley said. “Throughout the day I eat Gatorade bars and fruit.

Meridian Township prepares for Earth Day

Meridian Township is preparing for Earth Day on April 22 with multiple events to promote taking care of the earth. The Harris Nature Center (HNC) will be hosting three events that weekend. On April 21, the HNC will host the first stewardship morning of spring and the songbird next box workshop. In addition, the Meridian Township  regional recycling event will take place at Chippewa Middle School at 9 a.m. The stewardship event begins at 9 a.m. and the workshop starts at 2 p.m.

“There are a couple things that we do at stewardship mornings,” Harris Nature Center Coordinator Kit Rich said. “We might remove invasive plants along the trails, do trail work, which is putting down wood chips, and helping the habitat meadow area, depending on what needs to be done.”

The program runs once every month through October.

Discussion continues on rezoning near the Sanctuary in Okemos

On March 20, the township board discussed the possibility rezoning of the Okemos neighborhood, the Sanctuary, on March 20. Jim Giguere, the owner of the property and of Giguere Homes, would like to rezone the property so that it can handle more homes. Giguere’s goal is to provide more homes close to Okemos High School, while still preserving the wetlands. The wetlands off of Hulett Road is currently a R.R. or rural residential, and Giguere is requesting to change it to a R.A.A. or single family-low density. Currently, Giguere has the right to build seven houses on the land.

Small television station makes a big impact in Meridian Township

Its control room is very small, its set is small, but the news it produces is big. Located in Meridian Township’s Municipal building, is HOMTV, or Haslett, Okemos, and Meridian Township Television, reports on anything that has to do with Meridian Township.   

The station has four channels, one for its productions (HOMTV), one for public access (CAMTV), and both Okemos and Haslett high schools have a channel. HOMTV has a daily show, “Meridian News Now”, which is a 10 to 15-minute show that reports on everything in Meridian Township. “Meridian News Now” used to be a 30-minute show that was aired once a week, but was recently changed to a 11:30 a.m. daily show that is not as long.

Possible rezoning raises concern for residents in Okemos

After a contentious zoning meeting, no decision has been made about the possible development of land near the Sanctuary in Okemos. On Feb. 12, residents of the Sanctuary, located in Okemos, gathered at the planning commission meeting, in opposition to rezoning 7.63 acres on Hulett Road. The area is currently marked as R.R., or rural residential, and is being debated about becoming a R.A.A., or single family-low density. This would mean that the untouched lot would have the chance for a small amount of structures to be built.

Many of the residents spoke during the meeting, with the main concern being keeping the nature of the lot.

Meridian farmers’ market connects more than just local community

In the J.C. Penney corridor of Meridian Mall, two vendors stand next to one another. A young woman with short curly hair pulled back in a hat cuts blocks of cheese on a table. Next to her table is a man selling mushrooms in wooden boxes. Both are very friendly with their customers, giving out recommendations and ideas of how to utilize their products. The two vendors come from Grand Rapids.