Reactions to controversial freedom of speech discussion on campuses

Freedom of speech is one aspect of the First Amendment that frequently plays itself into controversy within the country. There has been a longstanding debate on what constitutes as fair or unfair in several different cases regarding the issue. A specific forum that has been targeted are college campuses. Response to prior events on college campuses have brought forth questions on whether or not a college can be regarded as a completely public forum. Technically, a public school is considered to be a public forum, but it does hold its limitations in some cases.

Ingham remains one of the most diverse counties in Michigan

Over the course of 16 years, many things tend to change. Ingham County has felt some of those changes, but fortunately for the county, its strong diversity within the state has stayed consistent. “The diversity is crazy, theres kids that are from India, China, Korea, Africa, Mexico, everywhere and that is one of the best parts … learning so much about different cultures,” said Nathan Bigham, an Ingham County resident who grew up in Lansing. As of 2016, the census shows in Ingham County whites make up 76.4 percent of the population.

Ingham County is looking to replace its aging jail

MASON — There is a long-overdue need for Ingham County to replace their deteriorating jail facility. The discussion is a standing item on the county commission agenda, as a plan is in the works to efficiently make the necessary moves to put it in motion. A significant part of the jail was built in 1964, making those areas 54 years old, and has never been closed once during that span. “We passed our MDOC (Michigan Department of Corrections) inspection last year without being cited, which according to the inspectors was a modern day miracle,” said county Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth. To put things in perspective, according to Wriggelsworth, the jail is the oldest large jail in Michigan, and is seventh-oldest overall, amongst the total 83 jails in the state.

Ingham County appoints new commissioner for District 10

MASON — The newest member for the Ingham County Board of Commissioners was announced on Tuesday this week. Democrat Dennis Louney was the applicant voted in to serve district 10 for the county. Prior to Louney, district 10 used to be occupied by former commissioner Brian McGrain. His resignation came as a disappointment to board members, including Chairperson Carol Koenig who admitted that “[board members] are sad to lose him,” according to the Ingham County website. McGrain is leaving the board, but still staying local as he currently serves as the Director of Economic Development and Urban Planning for the city of Lansing.