Data breach affects 400,000 MSU affiliates


Some criminals walk the streets and others hide behind the internet. These criminals breach security systems in an attempt to damage or steal information. There have been data breaches around the nation corrupting companies and institutions, putting the livelihoods of individuals at risk. Target and Home Depot were breached in 2014 and faced expenses totaling over $33 million. According to Home Depot Inc., 56 million people’s financial and card information was compromised during the attack which made it even bigger than the attack at the Target Corporation.

Clinton-Trump graphic

Trump wins the race as Michigan keeps counting

By 3 a.m. ET, Hillary Clinton had conceded, Donald Trump had declared victory and Michigan was still trying to find its winner. Michigan remained one of the few states where the winner was undeclared as Trump achieved the 270 Electoral Votes needed to win the presidency. At 8:25 a.m. Wednesday with all but seven precincts in Genesee County, Donald Trump led Hillary Clinton by 12,488 votes.

Meet the candidates for Haslett School Board

Many voters are focused on the presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but they are not the only individuals who will be on the ballot Nov. 8. There are four Haslett School Board candidates and only three open seats. The candidates and residents gathered at the Haslett administration building for a board candidate forum. Each candidate said they would make a great addition to the board for the next six years.

East Lansing anxious about creepy clowns

Clowns normally make appearances at birthday parties and carnivals, but lately they have been roaming the streets, with the intent to scare anyone in sight. East Lansing residents are worried that they could be the next city inhabited by “creepy clowns.”

MSU bikers frustrate pedestrians

When traveling to class, students take advantage of every possible mode of transportation. Biking is one. “I like it, I think it’s a faster way of getting around,” education freshman Heather Mcardle said. “I personally do it because I don’t want to walk to my classes. It takes way too long.”

Although biking throughout campus is a quicker way for some to get to class, it causes frustration for many students.