Michigan State students react to spring snow shower

It has now been more than two weeks since the seasonal transition into spring, but it seems mother nature did not get the memo. On April 4, the city of East Lansing experiences 27 mph winds, close to an inch of snowfall and temperature reached a high of 33 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 23 degrees. In the week ahead, the cold temperature is predicted to remain steady. According to the 10-day weather forecast, East Lansing is expected to receive two more snow showers between now and April 11. Temperatures will not exceed 50 degrees until April 12.

Neuroscience club promotes how to keep your brain young and healthy

The Michigan State University Neuroscience Club held an event at Strange Matter Coffee Co. located in Lansing on Sunday, March 25. The purpose of the event was to highlight and bring awareness to how to keep the brain young and healthy, along with shedding light on mental health. The event was entitled, ‘Sunday Morning Science: Keeping Your Brain Young’. Katherine Hagman, MSU Science Festival Assistant Coordinator, said what she wants people to learn from the event.