Michigan voters to consider green light for recreational marijuana

On April 26, the proposal pushing for a referendum on recreational marijuana was approved by a 4-0 vote. Michiganders will be able to vote on the measure during the November 6 Michigan ballot. “Adult use of cannabis is a human rights issue,” Jeffery Hank, Chair of the Board of Directors and Executive Director for MILegalize, an advocacy group for the proposal, said. “As we move towards more fairness, freedom, and justice in our cannabis policy, the public will benefit.”

Like many advocates for the passing of the proposal, Hank believes that the approval of recreational usage in Michigan can bring many jobs and decrease crime rate. “[It will] … end the unnecessary 23,000-plus arrests per year of adults in Michigan every year; a horrible waste of taxpayer resources and an affront to our constitutional liberties,” Hank said.

Summer skincare important for African-Americans

Summer, arguably for some, may be the best season of the year. Naturally, because of the warm temperatures, longer days, and increased sunlight, many people wear less clothing and participate in more outdoor activities. This leads to more sunlight exposure. “It’s pretty imperative take care of your skin during all seasons … but summer most importantly,” Monet Edwards, Assistant Office Manager for Doctor’s Approach Dermatology, said. “Because of increased exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, the summer can actually wreak havoc on one’s skin.”

Often, people of African-American decent say how they do not wear sunscreen during the summer.

The importance of nutritional wellness

In these modern times, healthy eating and living seems to always be reminded to us. Whether is it on television shows, such as Dr. Oz or news programs, magazines and blogs, such as Health.com, or even our personal physicians; the importance of healthy living is stressed. “There has been an advocacy, in a sense, for awareness of healthy living and wellness in America. Most of this is because of the growing number of diseases being diagnosis in patients and the scientific research that links these diseases to poor diet.” says Lynn Sutfin, a Public Information Officer for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. There are many benefits to paying attention to your health and fitness.