Students Cope with Depression

Nye feels that there is hope for his life while dealing with depression.

“It’s like I’m excited because yeah I might be miserable now and I’ve been miserable for probably 5 years of my life and had one good month but that one month is enough for me to see okay this isn’t permanent.”

Sex Expo held by the University Activities Board

Michigan State’s University Activities Board held a Sex Expo to educate students. Caroline Poole, UAB event programmer, said that it is difficult attracting students to educational events.”We really wanted that engaging component but we also wanted it to be educational,” Alessandra Alvares-Paines, freshman, said she enjoyed the games provided by the fraternity and learned some new things. “I’ve learned phrases for things like the actual term names and I’m learning about other ways to keep safe sex,” Paines said.

Michigan State University’s newest apartment home

1855 Place, a student family and single student apartment community will open Fall 2017.

According to Kat Cooper, director of communications for hospitality services, in the family units it is a total price and in the rest of the facility it is a per person price.

Camilla Johnson, junior, feels that the pricing does not accommodate everyone.

“Its not fair, just because they have a family it should be a flat rate and students have to pay by the room,” Johnson said. “I feel like it should be some kind of adjustment there.”