MSU Paranormal Society goes hunting for ghosts at Fairchild Auditorium

There’s no such thing as ghosts, right? The Michigan State Paranormal Society is here to prove you wrong. A rumor of a ghost sighting at the Fairchild Auditorium has been passed down through the Paranormal Society over the years. While there has been the claim that a few buildings on campus are haunted, such as Mayo hall, there’s no actual evidence of ghosts. Co-President of the Paranormal Society, Ben Goldman, takes us to the auditorium in hopes of finding a ghost.

Flat rate tuition officially goes into effect at Michigan State

After it was voted on back in Fall of 2018, flat rate tuition has officially been in effect since the start of the semester. The flat rate cost is the equivalent of what 15 credit hours cost prior to the new flat rate installation. Now that the semester is two months, students have mixed feelings about how flat rate is affecting their schedule and the classes they’re taking. “I took all the classes I needed to take to graduate on time and then I had room to take this piano class and it’s really interesting and I’ve learned a lot so far,” said senior Xavier Mattison. With the new flat rate, Mattison felt he could take advantage by taking an elective, and if it wasn’t for flat rate, he probably wouldn’t have taken his additional piano class without it.

Inaugural ‘Blocktoberfest’ comes to Old Town

For the first time, Old Town, Lansing hosted their very own Blocktoberfest. Locals were treated to a weekend filled with axe throwing, bratwursts, craft beers, and more. The event was 21 and up, and while the weather was a little chilly, attendees were treated to quite the experience. The food was provided by Morton’s Fine Catering which featured mac and cheese, chicken wings, potatoes, and bratwursts soaked in German beer. The event was a success, and should be making a return to Old Town next Fall.

UAW Strike Affecting Lansing Area

Now in its third week, the UAW Strike on General Motors continues on as both sides haven’t been able to reach an agreement. Those out on the picket lines are arguing for equal rights and pay amongst themselves and temporary workers. Those who are considered temporary do the same work as everyone else, but they are given no benefits, and lesser pay. “We just want everyone to get paid the same, we want good healthcare for everybody,” said Charlie Shockey, who has been with GM for 19 years. He acted as the gatekeeper on the picket lines, making sure the assigned picket line location is safe and stocked with food and water.