Emmy-nominated dancer comes back to Michigan to teach the new generation


It took Glenn Douglas Packard a near-death experience and a year of recovery to live out his passion of being a dancer and an entertainer. “I had an accident on the farm which almost cost me my leg, my tibia, my fibula, bones came out shattered, and they were suppose to amputate my leg from the knee down,” said Glenn, who is a Emmy-nominated choreographer from Michigan. “A doctor said he can save my leg so I said if he got me through this I will do what I always wanted to and dance.”

Packard grew up on a farm helping out with his family business and according to him, where he was from boys did not dance. After he recovered from his injury at 21, he walked into his first dance lesson. From there he would go on to have a successful career in dance.

Meridian Arts and Craft Marketplace wants to attract more visitors


Artist James Davis sits by the left back entrance playing with a crossword puzzle until a customer walks up, comments on how beautiful his pieces are and purchases one of the items on display. This transaction is the sole reason why he likes the Meridian Arts and Craft Marketplace. “It’s regular you know, if you establish yourself people know you’re going to be in a certain place and I do a lot of business with repeat clients,” said James who is a handmade sterling silver and multimedia artist. “It gets me out in the public, I get to meet my clientele.”

The Meridian Arts and Craft Marketplace is seated under the pavilion behind the Meridian Municipal building. The event occurs every fourth Sunday from June to September from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m..