Tournament action is telavised for bar and sports lovers in Haslett, MI.

March Madness drives drinks and food sales

“March has been a crazy month for us so far,” said Melissa Miller, manager at Watershed Tavern and Grill.  

March in Meridian Township is a busy time for beer and food sales. The March Madness tournament and St. Patrick’s Day drinking bring extra traffic and empty kegs to local bar owners. “In order to generate more business this month, we are doing our best to let our social media followers know what is going on – who is playing when, what specials we are running,” said Miller.

Indian Hills Golf Course logo upfront.

Warm weather brings golfers out to the links

The warm weekend weather of Feb. 18-19 was a taste of spring in the midst of winter in Okemos. The National Weather Service said Lansing broke the 1976 record of 62 degrees for this day. As of 2:30 p.m. on Feb. 18 the temperature had reached 65 degrees.

Feb. 13, Haslett High School on a cloudy Monday afternoon.

Student unions celebrate Black History Month

On Tuesday Feb. 7, the Meridian Township board passed a resolution in support of Black History Month. As a district, Meridian Township is very diverse and is proud of the black heritage in its community. “Our district is also frequently looking for ways to further educate students on the importance of acceptance,” said Brixie. Brixie, is the treasurer of Meridian Township.

Al-Lin's Floral & Gifts truck, parked and ready to deliver flowers for the Holiday.

Roses are red, but increased floral sales bring the green

Although they may not have time to stop and smell the roses themselves, local Meridian Township florists are optimistically awaiting this year’s Cupid’s Day sales. Al Vogl, owner of Al-Lin’s Floral & Gifts in Okemos, MI is one of the many owners preparing for the biggest floral holiday of the year. “When Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday or Wednesday it is the biggest challenge a florist can have, because the weekend before is too soon to celebrate it — and the weekend after is too late to celebrate it, so everybody wants to celebrate it the day of,” said Vogl. “Therefore, the only way they really can do it is send flowers to the office or home, or workplace.”

Vogl is preparing for the extra business by bringing on more staff. Other florists in the Okemos and Haslett area, such as Petal & Forrest, owned by Dawn Hall, and B/A Florist have taken advantage of the upcoming holiday in their own unique ways.