Rodney Page said he would not choose any other place to raise his two sons, Jayden and Bryson, in any other city other than East Lansing.

Local families and residents on living in a college town

By Kayla Robinson
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EAST LANSING – Raising a family while living in a college town can have its ups and downs, depending on the person you’re talking to and how they feel about it. It could be no problem at all, or it could be seen as a disadvantage. Twenty-nine-year-old Andrew Davis, a sales associate at Rally House who lives in East Lansing, said living in the city when you’re not in college can be too much if you’re not into the so-called “party lifestyle.”

“If you’re not into the party scene, it’s really not a good place to live,” Davis said. “I try to get as far away from students as I can. I was never really into that scene when I was in college.”

On the flip side, Davis also said he would still recommend people to raise families here.

Standardized online test preparation with East Lansing schools

By Kayla Robinson
Entirely East Lansing
EAST LANSING – East Lansing Public Schools are preparing for the standardized test called the M-STEP that will take place this spring and are also making the transition from pencil-and-paper to online testing. Christian Palasty, director of technology and media services, said that many faculty members have been getting special training for this online assessment. “My department, which is the Technology and Media Services, has been working on the devices to make sure they are well prepared,” Palasty said. “We have done professional development with the teachers, we have walked students and staff through the practice test of what the M-STEP will look like, we’ve made resources available, and we have also trained the librarians so that there is on site support on the days of the test.”

Palasty said that there will only be one type of electronic that will be available when it comes time to take the test. “We are going to do the testing solely on our laptops, but not on our iPads,” Palasty said.

Lot splitting application on Spartan Avenue

By Kayla Robinson

Entirely East Lansing

EAST LANSING, – Charles Maniaci asked the Planning Commission last week to split his property at 419 Spartan Ave. into two lots so he can make higher and better use of his lot and additionally wants to add another unit onto his lot for renting purposes in the future. Planning and Zoning Administrator Darcy Schmitt said the proposal has to meet the requirements for both the subdivision regulations and the State Act. “The whole process is pretty basic,” Schmitt said. East Lansing Community Development Analyst Pablo Majano said the requirements were met for the subdivision requirements, but not for the zoning code.

Arson case at local fraternity house yields suspect

                                                                 By Kayla Robinson

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EAST LANSING, – A bench at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house was set on fire back in January during the middle of the night, and the East Lansing Police Department have identified a possible suspect in the arson case. “Whoever’s fingerprints were found on the lighter fluid bottle that was used in the fire, we talked to him,” said Detective Lieutenant Scott Wriggelsworth. “Based on those clues, we think we may have enough information.”

Wriggelsworth also said the process of getting all the evidence needed took a good period of time. “It just took awhile for the lab to get to the fingerprint analysis that was on the bottle,” Wriggelsworth said. “The suspect was already in the system, but there had been many questions regarding it anyways.”

Wriggelsworth did not identify the suspect.

Art exhibit opens at Hannah Community Center

By Kayla Robinson
Entirely East Lansing

EAST LANSING, — The Public Art Gallery has a new exhibit featuring works of artist and musician Tom Cocozzoli called “Digital Artography and More.”

Cocozzoli putting his work on display was not his initial intention. “In all honesty, there has been no previous works in this area and that is why I was so surprised to be invited to exhibit at the East Lansing Public Art Gallery,” Cocozzoli said. “They took a chance on a ‘rookie’ and it has turned out well so far.”

Dee Careathers, the pool manager at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center, said Cocozzoli’s artwork seemed to distinguish itself from other exhibits she has previously visited. “I thought it was interesting how he used the photography to flip images, and add water. I also like how he used all different kinds of material for his work; it’s very creative,” Careathers said. Cocozzoli said he is self-taught.

Traffic safety initiative is enforced on major intersection

Entirely East Lansing

EAST LANSING,  – The intersection of Hagadorn Road and Grand River Avenue has caused many accidents, and now the East Lansing Police Department will pursue measures to correct the issue. “We looked at our data from the past five years and thought we should focus our efforts on where most accidents happen,” said Detective Lieutenant Scott Wriggelsworth. “We had three intersections that were in the top 20 and Grand River and Hagadorn was the top one.”

Wriggelsworth said people tend to not focus at this intersection because they get impatient waiting for the light to change. “It’s a two minute light, and people try to beat it because it’s so long,” Wriggelsworth said. “I think some of the actions are due to drivers sitting at the light on their phones, being oblivious as to what is going on around them and they just go without seeing pedestrianson their bikes or walking.”

The law firm Michigan Auto Law looked at county traffic statistics from 2013 and found that East Jolly Road at South Cedar Street, East Saginaw Street at North Homer Street, Abbot Road at West Lake Lansing Road, and East Saginaw Highway at North Waverly Road are the top other major intersections in the area to be careful on as well.

Michigan State men's basketball help during Flint water crisis

By Kayla Robinson

EAST LANSING, Mich. – With the Flint water crisis affecting thousands of people, players on the Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball team and the head coach, Tom Izzo, decided to see what they could do to help out and took a trip to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint on Wednesday, Feb. 10. Many households throughout Flint have been found to have lead-contaminated water since the city switched its water source to the Flint River almost two years ago. Human geography junior Breaunte Brown, a Flint native, said the crisis was a shock for his hometown.

Apartments opening: they're "complex-ated"

By Kayla Robinson
EAST LANSING, Mich. — Michigan State University is planning a $156 million apartment complex at South Harrison Road and East Kalamazoo Street. The complex, scheduled to open in late 2017, will be unique. East Lansing Community and Economic Development Administrator Lori Mullins said the project will be split into two phases; the first for students, the second for families. The apartments will be named 1855 Place.

5 Questions with Shelby Anderson

1. What is your favorite part of living in East Lansing? It’s clean in this area, compared to where I come from. It’s a good environment and it’s a nice city period to raise your family in and go to school. The jobs are good here too.