Stretch marks: Why are they such a big deal?

According to a Kids Health article, stretch marks produce when the skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching. They are a natural phenomena that happens over time to everyone, no matter what shape or size you are, and there’s really no stopping them from appearing. If this is the case, why are they made to be such a big deal when they appear? Michigan State dietetics junior Valerie Wolfe said she thinks stretch marks are seen as a negative trait due to society’s views on beauty. “I remember as a kid, I felt so self conscious of my stretch marks because all of my friends were skinny and didn’t have any,” Wolfe said.

Social media affects millennials’ body perception

According to a Statista survey conducted to show the amount of the U.S. population with a social media profile from 2008 to 2017, the percentage has skyrocketed from 24 percent to now 81 percent. Social media is useful for a variety of things in our daily lives; whether it be getting in contact with someone for work or personal purposes, retrieving your news, etc. On the other hand, you also must consider how it can affect millennials, specifically teenagers, from a self-esteem perspective. All over social media outlets such as Instagram and Snapchat, you typically see a mass amount of pictures of different socialites that are depicted as the “perfect human” – for example, fit and toned bodies, long hair on women, expensive clothes, perfect skin, etc. High school junior Sarah Anderson says these types of people that seem to be displayed all over social media can take a toll on people’s body perception.

Size categories in the modeling world

In the modeling industry, most designers make clothes in sample sizes 00 to 2, meaning they automatically expect all the models from modeling agencies to be that size. However, what happens when it comes to the models that are considered “plus sized”? “Plus size” clothing is a term that is generally applied to an individual that is above average to larger in body size. This clothing option can be seen as very resourceful, but sometimes is given a negative stigma. Kjerstin Gruys, assistant professor of sociology at University of Nevada, frequently explores the relationship between physical appearance and social inequality and said the titles are nothing new.

Can dressing to impress go too far?

EAST LANSING, Mich. — The so-called “unwritten rule” behind nights where college students gather over drinks is that some young women tend to dress more provocatively than they do on a typical everyday basis. About four out of five women who responded anonymously to an informal Spartan Newsroom poll said that when they go out to the bars, they generally choose their outfits with the goal of receiving attention; preferably from males. During the entirety of a regular school week, you will typically see women in college in their comfortable sweatshirts and sweatpants; for the most part not fully caring about their appearances as much as they would for a night out. Once it’s nighttime is when the risqué outfits come into appearance.

Why Net Neutrality Affects Us All

The internet as we know it may not be the same in the next couple weeks if we kiss net neutrality goodbye. Professor and Chairperson for the Department of Media and Information Johannes Bauer explained what net neutrality exactly is. “Net neutrality is a set of policies that constraints Internet access providers from discriminating against certain types of content and certain types of devices or certain types of content providers,” Bauer said. Without this principle behind net neutrality, our freedom on the World Wide Web will be reduced immensely. Bauer does research with the Quello Center at Michigan State and studies the implications behind why proposals such as this are placed in the first place.

Rodney Page said he would not choose any other place to raise his two sons, Jayden and Bryson, in any other city other than East Lansing.

Local families and residents on living in a college town

By Kayla Robinson
Entirely East Lansing
EAST LANSING – Raising a family while living in a college town can have its ups and downs, depending on the person you’re talking to and how they feel about it. It could be no problem at all, or it could be seen as a disadvantage. Twenty-nine-year-old Andrew Davis, a sales associate at Rally House who lives in East Lansing, said living in the city when you’re not in college can be too much if you’re not into the so-called “party lifestyle.”

“If you’re not into the party scene, it’s really not a good place to live,” Davis said. “I try to get as far away from students as I can. I was never really into that scene when I was in college.”

On the flip side, Davis also said he would still recommend people to raise families here.

Standardized online test preparation with East Lansing schools

By Kayla Robinson
Entirely East Lansing
EAST LANSING – East Lansing Public Schools are preparing for the standardized test called the M-STEP that will take place this spring and are also making the transition from pencil-and-paper to online testing. Christian Palasty, director of technology and media services, said that many faculty members have been getting special training for this online assessment. “My department, which is the Technology and Media Services, has been working on the devices to make sure they are well prepared,” Palasty said. “We have done professional development with the teachers, we have walked students and staff through the practice test of what the M-STEP will look like, we’ve made resources available, and we have also trained the librarians so that there is on site support on the days of the test.”

Palasty said that there will only be one type of electronic that will be available when it comes time to take the test. “We are going to do the testing solely on our laptops, but not on our iPads,” Palasty said.

Lot splitting application on Spartan Avenue

By Kayla Robinson

Entirely East Lansing

EAST LANSING, – Charles Maniaci asked the Planning Commission last week to split his property at 419 Spartan Ave. into two lots so he can make higher and better use of his lot and additionally wants to add another unit onto his lot for renting purposes in the future. Planning and Zoning Administrator Darcy Schmitt said the proposal has to meet the requirements for both the subdivision regulations and the State Act. “The whole process is pretty basic,” Schmitt said. East Lansing Community Development Analyst Pablo Majano said the requirements were met for the subdivision requirements, but not for the zoning code.