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How East Lansing’s proposal would cut property taxes

On the Nov. 7 ballot, East Lansing City Council is proposing to lower the current property tax rate of 17.56 mills to 13 mills. The property tax proposal comes after proposal A on the Nov. 7 ballot, calling for an income tax increase for residents and non-residents of East Lansing. If the income tax proposal is voted on, then the property tax option would be available.

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Low-wage earners protected from EL income tax proposal

People who earn less than $5,000 a year would be exempt from a proposed city income tax on the Nov. 7 East Lansing ballot. The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to set an income limit on who would be subject to the proposed tax. Mayor Pro Tem Ruth Beier said, “When we first started looking at the income tax, this wasn’t in there at all. What we’re trying to do is respond to the students’ concern that too many students are paying the tax,”

Council members said they hope this will help those who are struggling financially, while still raising revenue to maintain services.