Old Nation Brewery has found its home in Williamston


Williamston may not be one of the biggest cities in the greater Lansing area, but to Old Nation Brewery owner Travis Fritts, it has an authentic close-knit community feel. It’s usually the smaller cities that have the more intriguing destinations, and for Williamston, its Old Nation Brewery that fits that mold. Travis Fritts and Rick Ghersi started working together in 2003 when they opened Detroit Beer Company in downtown Detroit. At the time, Fritts had a background in production, so he and Ghersi decided to get into a little bit of production with Fritts, where they focused directly on producing different beers, making them and selling it in small batches on the open market. “The pub did really well, so we decided to move into production and buy a building and some equipment,” Fritts said.

Homestyle Thai bistro finds its home in Williamston

Most people say some of the smallest cities usually have some of the more unique and intricate attractions and sites. Take Williamston for example – a city home to just under 4,000 thousand people outside the larger city of Lansing, mainly known for its various antique markets in the town. “We’ve got a lot of little very unique restaurants here in Williamston,” Williamston resident John Waters said. “Thai Nation is as authentic as they come and it’s definitely my favorite place to grab a bite to eat in town.”

Located just off 725 West Grand River Ave. is Thai Nation, a locally owned Thai home cooking style restaurant that is one of the major hotspots of Williamston and the greater Lansing area.