Lead found in Williamston schools resolved

The Case

Williamston school district superintendent Narda Murphy said there is no longer any need to be concerned over the quality of water in Williamston schools. This spring, elevated levels of lead were found in a teacher’s lounge faucet in Williamston High School, a restroom drinking fountain in Explorer Elementary, a kitchen sink and seventh grade hall drinking fountain in Williamston Middle School and a maintenance garage bathroom sink. Water tested by Testing Engineers & Consultants on Feb. 13 contained lead levels above the threshold of 0.015 mg/L which is the Environmental Protection Agency’s level for action. The lead was from the faucets themselves, including the soldering and the welds the the infrastructure within the faucet.

Williamston police investigate malicious destruction of property

Williamston police officers responded to a call after someone threw a rock through a front window of a house on Williams Street early Sept. 22 at 2:30 a.m.

This is the 11th case of property damage this year in Williamston. No subjects have been arrested on suspicion of committing the crime. The case is pending further investigative leads. According to Williamston police chief Bob Young, the victim, Regina Ann Wilson, 49, reported hearing a crash sound at 1:30, but the call was made about half an hour later when the victim’s husband entered the living room to discover a large rock in the seat of a chair near the window.

A supporter of Bernie Sanders holds up homemade sign during a rally at Michigan State University on Oct. 6.

Sanders returns to MSU to rally for Hillary Clinton

Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders campaigned in East Lansing on Thursday, Oct. 6 for Hillary Clinton. Sanders told the audience at Michigan State University that this November, the election is about repairing income equality between men and women as well as restoring middle class America. “This election is not about Donald Trump. It is not about Hillary Clinton,” Sanders said.