‘This is the million-dolar question:’ is tourism good for local populations?

CORSICA, Italy — In 2016 the United States had more than 67,000 business focused on tourism with revenues of over $20 billion. In Europe, these numbers doubled with over $40 billion spent in tourism just in 2016. However, as these numbers increase, tourism expands to the less populated places. In recent times going to more rural places has acquired a new form of interest. But is this expansion to more rural area beneficial or detrimental to the local populations?

‘A labor of love’ drives charitable workers in Metro Detroit

DETROIT — In 2016 charitable donations accounted for roughly 2 percent of the entire output of the United States’ economy. This means that hundreds of billions of dollars were received by charities to ensure that their missions would continue; from national campaigns, all the way to local organizations. However, in the midst of the attention given to national campaigns such as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and the Taco Beer Challenge to support women’s right to abortion, the work done by local charities has often gone unnoticed. So what draws people to become involved in local charities if not recognition? Michelle Murphy is the Director of Development for Variety the Children’s Charity in Detroit, Mich.

Big threat to first responders: traffic accidents

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. — According to the Federal Highway Administration, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for emergency responders and law enforcement personnel in the U.S. Just a few weeks ago, on Wednesday June 14, Fire Chief Edward Switalski with the Comstock Township Fire and Rescue team was responding to a roadside emergency when he was struck and killed on I-94 by a distracted driver. Tragedies like this are happening across the country and beg the question why are first responders so vulnerable on roadsides? Commander Scott Grewe has been with the Birmingham Police Department for the past 18 years. During this time, he has had a chance to notice the evolution of safety procedures for first responders and make amends to some of the problems he thought existed.

The slow decay of FM radio and how to save it

DETROIT — Every day, people listen to radios in their cars. Whether it is satellite, FM or AM, radio station try to find content to make car rides more enjoyable. However, FM radios are currently facing a crisis that, as it has already happened in Norway, might bring them to extinction. The graph shows how Detroit biggest FM radio station has been losing market share in Detroit. The graph also represents one of the biggest AM radio stations in the area and how its control of the market has remained unchanged.

Outreach, reputation keeps suburban Detroit museum relevant

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. — This Detroit suburb found itself standing in the center of one of the most diverse culinary scenes in Michigan. However, as people walk between the trafficked streets of this town to find the perfect restaurant, many don’t realize the importance of where they are standing. One person who is determined to tell the story of this small city is the Director of the Birmingham Museum, Leslie Pielack. She started this job 6 years ago when the museum was still called the Birmingham Historical Museum and Park.