Spartans Will Mentor.

College students mentoring middle school students, with on goal in mind to help young Detroit students, understand how they can shape their future. If you attend a mentoring session and ask for each person to describe the organization in one word, you would get a variety of answers. Various words such as: “Growth”, “Needed”, and lastly “Family”, which everyone from mentees to mentors described. The organization “My Brothers and Sisters Keeper,” is an organization that partner with Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy in Detroit. They bus middle school students to campus every other Saturday. The organization try to get the younger students  acclimated to college, and show them peers looking like them who are succeeding.

The New State Representative Jewell Jones

Jewell Jones is the newest Michigan State Representative, before even graduating college at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Jones was selected to replace the late Judy Plawecki, as soon as he got back from his military assignment. Proceeding with a campaign, Jones won the 2016 election. The Inkster native has really big ideas while in office. He plans on working on bill and legislatures on sexual assault on college campuses, cyber security, and criminal reform as well. “My broad plans to increase capacity and engagement.