Common Core, no more?

Educators throughout Michigan have been teaching to the Common Core State Standards since it was adopted in 2010. Recently, a lawmaker proposed a bill to repeal these standards in Michigan.

Helen Papalekas, far right, suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her first daughter. Pictured from left to right is her husband, Dr. Papalekas, Carey Papalekas and Eleni Papalekas. Photo courtesy: Helen Papalekas.

Big stride forward for postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is an illness that can happen after childbirth. Recently, there has been a big push to break the silence and open up a dialogue to let suffering moms know they’re not alone. Postpartum screenings are highly encouraged to scan for signs after a mother gives birth.


Postpartum depression by the numbers

Postpartum depression is a serious illness that can occur after a mother gives birth. Mothers may notice symptoms after their baby is born, such as depression, mood swings and a loss of appetite. Women who suffer from postpartum should know that they are not alone and can get help from their doctor, support groups and other resources.

Ryan Pelerin, father of three holds his one-month-old daughter Vivienne. Pelerin took paternity leave for each of his children.

Unraveling paternity leave

There has been an immense pressure to give working mothers and fathers more options when it comes to parental leave, especially for men who do not have the option to take leave or are only given seven days to be with their newborns.


Michigan Republican representatives gather to watch results come in

Michigan Republicans met at Kelley Cawthorne tonight in Lansing to watch the results of the state elections with State Rep. Phil Potvin and State Rep. Dan Lauwers. See our gallery and videos for the full coverage. State Rep. Phil Potvin of District 102 and State Rep. Dan Lauwers of District 81 discuss the importance of togetherness and supporting new talent in the Republican Party.