Opinion: The immorality of politicians politicizing religion

Last week, President Donald Trump came through on one of his campaign promises, to end the great, great “War on Christmas,” which is the latest example of fusing Church and State, which I believe is morally unacceptable. Since my first name is Christian, MSU’s School of Journalism gave me the forum to speak on the intersection of Christianity and politics. Not really, but I wanted to point that out. To be serious, a person’s religious and political identities, does not change the way I perceive them. You could hail Satan while marrying Hillary Clinton’s photo — but as long as you are a good and accepting person who does not hurt anyone and has an expansive, open mind — I could care less about your beliefs.

What Will the Senate Tax Bill Do to Graduate Students?

In a series of shocking twists and turns, Senate Republicans were able to pass their tax bill, their first legislative victory of the year. The Senate Tax bill calls for a mass overhaul of the American tax code. Everything from tax brackets, health care to graduate student loan rates were touched upon.

East Lansing residents react to Michigan Senate vote on guns

East Lansing, Mich. – In light of the 317 mass shootings this year, the Michigan Senate approved a bill that would allow Concealed Pistol Licensers to carry in traditionally gun-free zones such as churches or schools. If passed in the Michigan House of Representatives, those with CPLs could undergo eight additional hours of training to receive the certification allowing them to carry in the zones. East Lansing residents are split on the issue. “I can understand why the lawmakers are saying that they want to put that bill out there.

Superintendent Ronald Drzewicki stands in front 'Investing For the Future', the May bond proposal

Overcrowding in Mason’s kindergartens

A Mason School Board committee was trying to decide if adding an extra section of kindergarten would solve the overcrowding issue. All three of the elementary schools will exceed capacity for the 2016-2017 year; there will be 484 students for a building designed for 405, according to Mason Public Schools.

Sun Dried Music Festival confirmed for August 2016

Christian Barrington
Mason Times

EAST LANSING – Mason’s annual Sun Dried Music Festival has been confirmed for August 2016 and members of the Mason community are buzzing with excitement. Former mayor, now councilmember, Leon Clark, is very active in the production of the festival. “The Sun Dried Music Festival will be taking place Aug. 26-28. It is a family music festival that is free for all, and features around 15 bands and a multitude of vendors, all strictly from the Mason area,” said Clark.

“Feel the Bern” or “Hill yeah”?

By Christian Barrington
The Mason Times

 EAST LANSING, Mich. –  Iowa Democratic voters showed equal support for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, but their backers came from different groups. 

“I believe Bernie is starting a political revolution of sorts,” said pre-law sophomore Jasmin Shafquat. “He has support from our generation because he’s basing his ideals off what the people want, not big business.”  

Sanders has proven his dedication to the millennials, providing policy options such as the College For All Act, which would make college free for a generation that has an average student loan debt of $29,400, according to The Institute of College Access (TICAS). Also, Sanders has agreed with the 70 percent of 18-33 year-olds who agree with same-sex marriage since the early 70’s. Hillary Clinton has changed her views in 2013, after nearly a decade of not supporting it.