Percent of students that take and pass their AP tests in Lansing public high schools, and their college readiness index score according to U.S. News

Lansing public high schools struggling to make students college-ready

The Lansing Public School District has gained an outstanding reputation for their high schools from some. But others say the academics are as poor as Detroit Public Schools. Michigan State University academic advisor David Williams has worked in East Lansing for over 5 years, and currently has children in high school. Due to the reputation of the high schools in the Lansing area Williams sends all three of his kids to Okemos High School. Williams said the academics and environment of some public high schools isn’t something that allows students to grow and progress positively academically.


“It’s global warming, not Michigan warming.” This winter’s warmth may just be a coincidence

The normal frigid February seems to be a lot warmer this year in Lansing, leaving residents wondering what’s causing the sudden change. The normal temperature throughout February in Lansing is about 26 degrees, but this year temperature skyrocketed to highs of over 50 degrees for several days. Even consistent 40 degree weather in February isn’t textbook, because Lansing and Michigan are usually in the thick of the snow this time of year. In the past years the scientific community and environmental activists having been warning people about the effects of global warming not only in the United States, but the entire world. While some people would attribute this new sense of winter to global warming, others aren’t so quick to place the blame.

A Lansing Police vehicle sits outside the North Precinct.

“Drunk driving in Lansing is such a problem.” Police are responding to the issue

Downtown Lansing resident and Lansing Community College student Debryan Threatt has been affected by drunk driving in more ways than one in her lifetime in the city. “Drunk driving in Lansing is such a problem with all the bars not only downtown but throughout the city. Too many people think they’re capable of making it home after a night out,” Threatt said. “My brother got hit by a drunk driver two years ago, luckily he survived. Drinking and driving is something me and my family take very seriously and thankfully so does the Lansing Police Department.”

Chief of Lansing Police Michael Yankowski and the police department are trying to do what they can to put a stop to these instances that could easily affect so many.