One year after the Nassar case, she’s become a hero

It’s been a year since Judge Rosemarie Aquilina put Larry Nassar behind bars for life. Today, she calls herself an “accidental hero.” From being on the Today show to standing the survivors at the ESPYs, Judge Aquilina has become an advocate, which has made her a lot busier. “I get asked to do motivational speaking,” she said. Not only has she broadened her possibilities to make change, but, emotionally, she’s a bigger person.

University enrollment drops in Michigan for seventh year

The number of college-age students in the country is low, which is affecting enrollment at public universities, including here in Michigan. In fact, enrollment in Michigan public universities decreased for the seventh consecutive year. From 2017 to 2018, only seven of the 15 public universities in the state saw an increase in their freshman enrollment count. “2018 to 2028 the state is projecting about a 16,000 student loss and they’re kind of that high school age population,” John Ambrose, Michigan State University admissions interim director, said. According to the fall 2018 enrollment report, MSU saw an increase of about 300 students, but undergraduate applications dropped by over 3,000.

MSU Museum looking for volunteers

The MSU Museum is looking for docents, or volunteers, to lead group tours and explain artifacts and exhibits to visitors. The museum is a Smithsonian affiliate which means it has received its stamp of approval from the Smithsonian for being a good museum. They also trade specimens with each other throughout the year. Even though this is an unpaid position, it offers many educational benefits like access to the many educational books in the docent library, learning from the exhibits themselves, and working with children and other guests. “I’d like people to be outgoing, but mostly we’d like them to just be passionate.

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Memberships program fuel Old Town businesses

The Old Town Commercial Association has successfully implemented a membership program for more than two decades to increase community involvement while keeping foot-traffic coming to the shops. Starting in the late 1990s, Old Town’s individual and business membership programs have helped to keep those interested in being a part of the neighborhood coming back for more, OTCA board president, Jamie Schriner, said. “It helps to show their support for the community,” Schriner said. “It helps to bring in funding and resources, but then if they become members, it means that they’re going to come down here and support the community and support the businesses.”

For an individual, a membership allows you to receive discounts at participating shops, restaurants, and businesses. There are incentives that attract businesses to join like features of their business in newsletters.