Bath Police Department
Chief of Police: Scott D. Rose

Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Bath Township Police Department is to provide high quality, progressive and proactive law enforcement services. Our mission is to preserve and even improve the quality of life for the residents, visitors and people just passing through, by working as a partner with the community. Lastly, our mission is to maintain a highly trained and highly motivated group of officers so that we can better serve the community.

14480 Webster Road
Bath, MI 48808


– Ansley Prior

Bath Township Fire Department


Taken: Sean Meredith

Fire Chief: Art Hosford

5633 Drumheller Road
Bath, MI 48808

Phone: 517.641.7811

Fax: 517.641.8330

Burn Permit Line: 517.641.6619


Hours: Firefighters remain on call.

“The station is 9,987 sq ft. It is a fully sprinkled building and houses ten pieces of equipment, one command car, two rescues, three engines, one water tanker, one light & air, two brush trucks, one boat, and a trailer. The Department has a full time chief and can host a roster of thirty paid on call firefighters.”


Sean Meredith