Williamston preps for first Fine Arts and Grub Crawl

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On May 23, the Williamston Chamber of Commerce invites everyone to the first Fine Arts and Grub Crawl. This event will have art fans, food fans, and others walking about the unique restaurants and shops downtown. People have the opportunity to taste food from the restaurants and also see artwork from local artists around the city.

Mayor Tammy Gilroy believes the event is very significant to its community.

“Any type of event that can showcase our city of Williamston and it’s diverse downtown district is a win in my book,” Gilroy said. “I love the idea that this event will not only be fun for our residents but I am hoping that it will draw in patrons from outside of Williamston.”

Michelle Eichler is part of the Chamber of Commerce and is the one hosting the large event. Although Williamston has hosted a Grub Crawl a few times in the past, this will be its first Fine Arts and Grub Crawl.

“The purpose of the crawl is to draw attention to the thriving businesses and artists in the Williamston community,” said Eichler.

The addition of art to this Crawl is the newest improvement on the event.

“The idea of a grub crawl throughout our downtown has been very successful in the past and my hope is that it will be successful again,” said Gilroy. I like the element of adding the art into the event. It gives not only our restaurants to be presented in a showcase event but it also gives artists the opportunity to be showcased as well.”

The Chamber of Commerce is accepting applications for participants now. Participants do not need to be a Chamber of Commerce member or even a Williamston resident.

“Everyone over the age of 21 is welcome,” said Eichler. “Williamston is a very welcoming Community.  We enjoy having people visit from all over. With our beautiful river, nationally-renowned live professional theater, amazing restaurants and our own movie theater, there is certainly a lot for people to do. The Fine Art and Grub crawl gives our residents and visitors an opportunity to sample some of those locations.”

The diversity of Williamston is highlighted throughout this event, Tammy Scott executive director believed.

“I think the Arts & Grub Crawl is important to show the diversity of events and businesses Williamston has to offer our community and surrounding communities,” said Scott. “I like that it is bringing local & surrounding artist’s, businesses and the community together for a fun event.”

The Williamston Area Chamber of Commerce is hoping to shine light on Williamston’s uniqueness and quality with this event.

“This is what our Williamston Area Chamber of Commerce does best – highlight everything that is great about Williamston,” said Eichler.

Not only is this an opportunity for the community and residents to embrace Williamston, but also outsiders and non-residents are welcome to come see the town and meet new people.

“An event like this gives residents an opportunity to reconnect with friends, it invites residents to visit downtown for a casual evening, and hopefully try something new,” Gilroy said.

Eichler and Mayor Gilroy both believe the event is the right medium to get people together.

“The Fine Arts and Grub crawl is a great time out with friends,” Eichler said. “An opportunity to enjoy everything our town has offer in a relaxed light-hearted atmosphere.”

In May, the Chamber of Commerce will begin selling tickets. By then, there will be more information regarding artists and businesses participating.

Williamston Fine Arts and Grub crawl: the Cycle


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