Spartan aftermath: ‘Sexual assault will not be tolerated on this campus’

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After the recent events regarding sexual assault on campus, Michigan State students believe that change starts from within.

“With our school in the spotlight right now, we need to use this spotlight to create positive change. So hopefully with this, we’re going to make the statement that sexual assault will not be tolerated on this campus or any campus around the globe,” said junior Mackenzie Mrla.

Gabrielle Johnson

“March For Survivors and Change at MSU” organizer Mackenzie Mrla holds up sign on January 26 at The Rock on Michigan State’s campus.

Mrla organized the “March for Survivors and Change at MSU” march which took place on Jan. 26 at The Rock on MSU’s campus. Hundreds of students gathered for the event, and Mrla hopes that events like these will bring the necessary changes needed to create a safe campus.

“It starts here and it starts now. We won’t give up until all victims are heard and perpetrators are not put above victims. It’s eye opening to see the amount of people who come out and care and want to see change at the university.”

Students leaders of on-campus organizations believe that former MSU president Lou Anna K. Simon’s resignation should be a wakeup call for improvement.  

“We need to better ourselves first. It’s bad that this happened and once we understand that, we can move forward,” said senior Jhanel Davis, vice president of the NAACP MSU. “This is our campus, and a lot of stuff won’t be allowed on this campus.”

Gabrielle Johnson

Hundreds of students gather for “March For Survivors and Change at MSU” event on January 26 at The Rock on Michigan State’s campus.

Some students have mixed feelings about the future of MSU and the trust has been broken. They hope that MSU’s next president will put more effort in to show that they care about the safety of the students.

“Don’t just say some good stuff in a letter and make it sound good, actually be there for the students,” said senior Jaylin Jones. “With 150 victims coming out, that didn’t just happen in a couple months or a span of a year. That happened in a span of several years. We don’t have the truth right now. We have Nassar, but still we need hundreds of other people who should be held accountable.”

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