Photo gallery: MSU horse barn a ‘hidden treasure’

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Mary Breymann and her husband were out of carrots, but the white horse kept following them as they walked along the fence.

The Breymanns make regular visits to the Michigan State University’s Horse Teaching and Research Center.

“MSU is just so wonderful allowing the public to participate in all this,” said Mary Breymann, who came to visit the horse barn with her husband on Jan. 28. “It’s one of the hidden treasures of the Meridian Township.”

Breymann said her daughter loves horses. “She convinced us that she really need a horse,” Breymann said. “Now she is in Seattle so far away, but we still have the habit to visit these horses.”

The Breymanns usually visit the barn weekly during the warm weather, especially in June, when the barns have baby horses.

The MSU Teaching and Research Center typically keep its horses until they die.

“We try to keep them as long as we can. They live their life out,” said animal science junior Alexis Garbo, who works at the MSU horse barn. “Sometimes for health reasons, we have to put them down, but that’s only in certain circumstances. Sometimes people offer to retire them on their farm.”

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