Creative slider bar brings its 24 different patties to the state capital

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LANSING, Michigan – Corktown’s Green Dot Stables has expanded to Lansing, less than a mile from Michigan State’s campus. 

Green Dot Stables, A new restaurant to the Lansing area, opened on a snowy Dec. 14, 2017. Photo taken by Anthony Sandoval

The barn-styled slider bar at 410 S. Clippert St. opened Dec. 14., featuring a new-western atmosphere with small, handcrafted plates, perfect for a quick bite.

Jacques and Christine Driscoll, owners of Green Dot Stables, are both MSU alumni who once called East Lansing home.

Michelle Rahl, the director of business development at Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, says the chamber is excited for Green Dot Stables for a number of reasons.

“We are pleased to see new life in the former Whiskey Barrel location and that two former MSU alumni are bringing their talents (and great food) into this community,” said Rahl.

Sliders cost $2 to $3. With the 24 different sliders, Green Dot Stables have sold over 23,000 sliders since their grand opening. That is nearly $67,000 in burgers alone. The bar also offers 10 different cocktails that are also $3 a piece. GDS has options for vegans as well, including their PB&J slider, grilled cheese, corn cake, and mushroom & swiss.

GDS hopes this will start a trend in Lansing for independent restaurants to open.

“It’s an inviting place, unique people hanging out, sitting around for a few hours enjoying a unique meal for a reasonable price,” said Matthew Rudd, bar manager of GDS Lansing. “I’ve always appreciated that, we have small profit margins and we keep it that way for the customers.”

Matthew Rudd, bar manager, smiles for a photo behind Green Dot Stables bar on Jan. 29, 2018. Photo taken by Anthony Sandoval

The barn aspect, adds a charming, cozy feeling to guests’ experience. The venue has large enough space to hold up to 300 customers, with two different small party rooms, a 16-seat bar, and a large replica racing horse.

Rudd says that business is going well, and he is excited to see what happens in the future.

“We don’t do a lot of advertising, social media, etc. Word of mouth has been our biggest way of reaching customers.”  

However, on the grand opening, lack of communication didn’t matter. People just showed up on their own.

“[It was] extremely busy. Ownership was here and it was good to see just how passionate they are about their business. They were running food orders, seating people, making drinks. It was really great to see,” said Rudd.

“It’s a really good atmosphere, that’s what I like about it,” said Andy Crampton, site foreman at United Electrical Contractor. “I figured I had a few minutes before heading back to the shop, thought I would stop in for a slider or two.”

Crampton, 31, is from Byron, but works just off Larch Street in Lansing. He ordered the corn beef slider, coney dog, fried bologna, and the new mystery meat slider called the holy mole. It is made with snapping turtle, chicken, mole topped with crispy jalapeños.

“We came in last weekend, and just ended up hanging out at the pool table,” said Crampton. “Two dollar, three dollar sliders, you can’t beat that.”

Green Dot Stables has a small game room that has two billiard tables, two arcade systems with 50 retro games.

Rahl also added that even though the restaurant has a prime location between the two distinct audiences, Lansing and East Lansing, the restaurant business is no joke.

“The restaurant business can be a tough industry, with lots of competition and high overhead. But the Driscolls have created a model for success in Detroit and they are looking to emulate and grow that success in Lansing. The Lansing Regional Chamber stands ready to assist in any way that we can.”

“Lansing needs a better food scene, Lansing is a big city that would benefit off local chefs creating pop-ups and creating their unique food,” said Rudd. “We hope to inspire those around the area to do just that.”

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