The BBL journey

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Starria: What inspired you to get a BBL (Brazilian butt lift)?

Kierra: I just wanted my body to be shaped differently. I don’t have anything against plastic surgery as long as it’s not a life threatening procedure or an excessive amount of surgeries because some people get addicted to

Starria: How did you prepare mentally, financially and physically?

Kierra: I prepared mentally by doing a ton of research. On surgeons and patient reviews. I educated myself on every possible outcome and weighed it against factors such as my age, health, etc. Financially, I  just saved up. Physically, I started taking vitamins, didn’t consume alcohol for a month before and stopped taking any unnecessary medications like birth control, Tylenol, etc. and followed the pre-op instructions.

Starria: What inspired you to start YouTube channel during this time?

Kierra: I started the YouTube because when I was doing research there were every few vlogs about i️t. People like to keep i️t secret, but I wanted others to be able to follow my journey if they were thinking about it.

Starria: What advice would you give to someone interested in getting a BBL?

Kierra: Advice I would give would be to do your research. Don’t choose a surgeon based on price. Make sure they’re board certified because a lot of people perform the procedure and they’re dermatologist regular physicians etc and you can have a bunch of complicated if they’re not board certified. It’s just not safe. Also look at the patient reviews for their doctor so they can follow real stories.

Starria: How was your self esteem affected through the process?

Kierra: I never really had a low self esteem. I think of anything this will boost i️t even more.


If you’re interested in getting a BBL or know someone who’s about to get one, below is  a before and after checklist suggested by Westbrooks.

This video was recently posted to Westbrooks’ YouTube channel. Click below to find out more from the source herself.

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