Hit comedy-horror brings racism to the big screen

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“It was a thriller so it wasn’t too scary but it also opened my eyes to a few things that’s going on in today’s society,” said Mikail Melchor who is African-American and Caucasian. “It did show me that a lot of the stuff going on isn’t just in one area, it’s throughout the United States.”

Directed by Jordan Peele, “Get Out” tells the story of an African-American man going to visit his Caucasian girlfriend’s family for the first time. As the trip unfolds, he begins to realize that this visit has a lot more going on than just meeting the relatives. The movie is a sharp satire of race relations in the United States.

Melchor said the movie really opened his eyes to racial issues but he enjoyed watching every minute of it.

You can listen to the full interview with Melchor below.

Jazmyn Serrano, a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, said the movie was pretty interesting and it was nice seeing a movie different from others.

“It was pretty creative and I would definitely identify it as horror,” said Serrano. “I do date African-American males so I think that the way they portray relationships between African-American male and a woman in general was different than what it actually is.”

You can listen to the full interview with Serrano below.

The movie became a hit with social media. The memes and viral jokes about it have helped “Get Out” cross the 150 million mark at the box office.

Here’s a collection of the best memes and videos related to Jordan Peele’s 2017 hit movie.


Bre Moore, a resident of Detroit, said even though she hasn’t seen the movie, based on what she’s seen on social media and heard about it she’s sure it is a good movie.

“I’m looking forward to looking into it because people talk about it a lot,” said Moore. “It kind of sounds like slavery so personally I don’t want to say I’m affect by it but I don’t want to say I’m not.”

You can watch the full interview with Moore below.

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