Countryside Manor to qualify for free water heaters from Consumers Energy

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Cassi White

Countryside Manor Apartment complex in Bath Township, Mich.

Countryside Manor, a low-income housing apartment complex in Bath Township, Mich., has qualified for 30 free water heaters for all units from Consumers Energy. The water heaters are Energy Star, which brands themselves as energy efficient.

Consumers Energy began an incentive program back in 2008 because of the passing of the Energy Bill that puts an emphasis on energy conservation. Consumers Energy Public Information Director Terry DeDoes said that it was a comprehensive bill that had goals of reducing pressure on the electric grid.

“We have different programs to provide to different residential and industrial customers to save energy,” DeDoes said. “Some of them are income qualified, some are for anybody.”

Along with receiving free water heaters, Consumers Energy will be installing them for free as well—a part of their Direct Installation program through Multifamily Solutions that Countryside Manor qualified for.

“Right now we get a certain amount every year for updating,” Ann Schoals, executive director at Bath Charter Township Housing Commission Countryside Manor, said. “So, we can take that off our plan, which is great. I mean, that’s thousands of dollars. So, that helps us a lot because our funding has been cut so much.”

DeDoes estimates that with parts and installation included, Consumers Energy will be saving Countryside Manor approximately $1,000 per water heater.

Countryside Manor Community Office Room, where meetings and information about the apartment complex are held.

Cassi White

Countryside Manor Community Office Room, where meetings and information about the apartment complex are held.

DeDoes said that Countryside Manor qualified for refrigerators as well. Due to the popularity of the program, Countryside Manor will be put on a waiting list of people and other complexes that applied for the incentive program. This is so that Consumers Energy can help as many people and properties as possible.

Not only has Consumers Energy showed the importance of helping others through the gift of appliances to low-income properties, but they also showed sustainability when donating those energy efficient appliances. Because of this, they have satisfied two of their mission statements of saving energy and caring for the Michigan community, in one mission.

Consumers Energy is currently in the process of inspecting the property. The installation date at Countryside Manor is to be decided based on the length of the inspection.



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