Bernie Sanders rally

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In front of Michigan State Universities Landon Hall, supporters of all ages listen intensively as senator Bernie sanders begins his Speech about presidential candidate Clinton’s political views toward reforming loans for higher education.


A long time supporter of equal rights for the LGBt community, Bernie sanders addresses Presidential Candidate trumps oppositional political views toward Nationwide Marriage Equality.


Senator Bernie sanders taking a moment for an excited crowd to settle before beginning his speech in support of presidential candidate Hillary clinton.


Former Vigorous supporters of senator Bernie sanders when he was running of office, Erin Fox and his associate stand on the outskirts of Adam field protesting in support of Jill Stein and the Green Party.


On the opposite side of adams field near Landon hall, another protester of the green party stands obstinate toward senator sanders supporting of Hillary clinton for presidency.


Former Bernie sanders supporters turned Hillary supporters are some of the loudest voices in opposition to candidate trump’s political policies, working tirelessly at events for both senator sanders and now candidate clinton.


Ending his speech, Senator Sanders exits toward  the Michigan State University President’s house, the Cowles House.  On his journey there, Senator Sanders is greeted by group of long time supporters during his run for office who are eager to take a picture with him.

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