84-year-old man talks about his many years of voting

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The absent voter ballot Ken Fegan talked about using to vote this year

Olivia Rubick

The absent voter ballot Ken Fegan talked about using to vote this year

The focus of the upcoming election is seemingly surrounding millennials. Adweek reports that the candidates of the 2016 Presidential Election have been targeting millennials, the largest living generation. This is the first election the majority of millennials will be voting in. A group that won’t be voting for the first time is the oldest old, America’s oldest generation.

Ken Fegan, 84-year-old man of Pinconning, Michigan has had a long interest in politics and sees this election differently than pervious elections.

He said his interest began in the early 1950’s when he was in the ROTC in college. The military department changed the procedure right before he was about to serve his two year period in the regular army.

“That was the first experience with politics and how different decisions could change people’s lives,” Fegan said.

Being 84 years old, Fegan has seen and voted in many elections. He said he has voted in every election except for one when he was unable because of surgery. He is planning on voting in this election as well and has made up his mind on who he is going to vote for.

“If I were to vote tomorrow, I would probably vote for Clinton.”

He said he can’t stand the negativity that surrounds Donald Trump. The profanity and the language he uses is something he doesn’t like and one of the main reasons he will be voting for Clinton.

Along with many of the other people in the oldest old generation, Fegan said he and his wife may choose voting through an absentee ballot because it is just easier for them. Due to health issues it is hard for him to get around.

Fegan said he understands why terrorism is one of the most important issues to people age 65 and older.

“I think that as people get older, you are more prone to think about what happens in your life that will effect you. As you get older, a lot of times you’re not as mobile as you were, and you hear so many stories about elderly people being the victims of abuse.”

Fegan thinks this election is different from other elections in the sense that everything surrounding the election is negative. He said previous president’s have done things that are not in the best interest of everybody, and can’t make everyone happy but never this much negativity.

The majority of the information that Fegan gets about the election is the old fashioned way he said. He gets almost all information from the TV and also reads the newspaper daily, which is much different than the younger generations.

The election is right around the corner and although it is different from any election he has seen before, Ken Fegan is going to make his vote count once again, as he has many times before.

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