It's youth baseball season in Meridian Township

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By Tamar Davis
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Baseball and softball seasons are approaching very fast, and they can provide a great season for children in the grades of Kindergarten through eighth grade. Serving the residents of Okemos, Haslett, East Lansing and now Williamston, the recreation department in Meridian Township is looking to continue to provide a healthy outlet for children to turn to after their school day is over.

Courtesy of Meridian Township public website.

Courtesy of Meridian Township public website.

U12 Baseball league coach Todd Hall and Recreation Specialist Mike Devlin both believe baseball and other sport leagues the township provide are opportunities for children to do other things that are good for them physically and mentally.

“Our youth should want to be more active around this age,” said Hall. “This gives them something to do instead of just being stuck in the house and playing video games all day. Even though baseball isn’t an easy sport, it gives them the opportunity to learn things that will help them in the future.”

“We have so many kids that participate in the baseball league of Haslett, its amazing,” said Devlin. “We have over 700 kids in Okemos alone that play baseball which is really good because Michigan is third in the country for obesity in children. Personally I don’t really see that in the community of Haslett, I believe things like this is what contributes to the reducing of that statistic.”

When asked whats the best part about coaching, Hall responded by saying teaching, and that he wants his kids to remember the game of baseball as a fun sport.

“Teaching is my favorite part about coaching young teams,” said Hall. “Baseball is the hardest sport, and most of the time kids only hit the ball around 30 percent. So things can get a little frustrating, but I want them to understand that practice make perfect. Put more work and effort in your practice and watch that percentage rise.”

Hall likes to remind his kids that they shouldn’t take things very serious at this age, and try to focus on just having fun.

“I tell my kids to just be a kid and have fun,” said Hall. “Wins are not a big deal at this age, I want them to focus on learning how to play the game of baseball and understanding it.”

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