Big home games mean celebration for residents and East Lansing party stores

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Cashier Jane Ames at Spartan Spirits party store.

Lizzy Lafave

Cashier Jane Ames at Spartan Spirits party store.

Saturday home games in East Lansing are a time to halt everyday worries and unite for a common goal — celebrating in hopes of a Spartan win. Luckily for local party stores, this means for many people consuming large quantities of alcohol.

Spartan Spirits cashier Jane Ames said there are few days busier than those surrounding a big game.

Ames said the most popular liquor sold on game-day weekends at her location is the Burnett’s half gallon because it yields the most alcohol for its price at around $20.

“It seems like it is mostly the fraternities and sororities that will come in looking for the large quantities,” said Ames. “It’s common for all of these rows to be gone after one purchase.”

Spartan Spirit gives you get a free shirt if your purchase is over $100.

“On game days, I expect there to be people that walk out with a couple shirts each,” said Ames.

Michigan State Student Clayton Dewitt said the last time he bought alcohol was for last weekend’s tailgate where he purchased a keg from Big 10 Party Stores on Grand River, as well as four half gallons of Burnett’s to make the classic mixture of drinks known as “jungle juice.”

“I spent $120 on the keg with the deposit and about $80 on the half gallons,” said Dewitt, “and we bought cheap.”

Matt Pelland operations manager at Big 10 Party Store on Grand River Avenue says he and his team are here to provide a variety of party services, but find they are most known for alcohol.

We make most all of our profits from beer and liquor,” said Pelland, “Although we probably sell more beer.”

Pelland says the biggest purchase he has seen so far was for a game day weekend, and was over $3,000.

“We run out of New Amsterdam and Keystone Kegs the most,” said Pelland. “Keystone Kegs are a huge seller for sure.”

Pelland says he and his staff are happy to be providers for the community on game day weekends.

“It’s what we see a big need for, and we are happy to do it,” said Pelland.

Both Pelland and Ames agree that the best way to avoid empty shelves at local party stores is to do your shopping before the Friday of a big game weekend.

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