Non-profit Organization Recieves Big Boost in Funding From Best Friends Animal Society

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By Jacob Herbert
Clinton County Chatter

A mid-Michigan non-profit organization looking to reduce the large number of unwanted pit bulls and pit mixes just got a major boost in funding thanks to the Best Friends Animal Society.

Charlotte-based Voiceless-MI was given an $8,000 grant from the animal society to help fund its “Fix-A-Bull” program. “Fix-A-Bull” is a program that provides spay/neuter operations for low-income families with pit bulls or mixes.

“When I walked through shelters in Michigan and saw cage after cage of pits or pit mixes,” said Voiceless-Mi president Holly Thoms, “I figured there was a huge need there.”

The “Fix-A-Bull” program has a put out a goal of spaying/neutering 177 pit and pit mixes over the next few months, according to Thoms. Only a few weeks in, they have already handed out 85 vouchers for the operation to be done.

Signing up is simple; first you must apply for a voucher online. According to Thoms, a male dog neuter is going to cost around $60, so once approved you will receive a voucher either through email or mail sent to your home for $50 from Voiceless-MI.

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Take that voucher along with $10 of your own money to the Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing for you pet’s operation. If you don’t have a way to get your pit to CAHS, Voiceless-MI has volunteer drivers who will take you and your pet to have the operation done.

Thoms said the reason there are so many pit and pit mixes in shelters is because once people realize how expensive the operation is, families suddenly decide they don’t want their animals anymore. Thoms made the program as affordable as possible to lower the number of families abandoning their dogs.

“If you don’t make it affordable and easy,” said Thoms,”Low-income families wont be able to get the operation done, which leads to more animals in shelters.”

Thoms said that the “Fix-A-Bull” isn’t the only way Voiceless-MI helping low-income families. The Spay/Neuter Assistance program (SNAP) is a program that provides low-income families with dogs and cats the chance to have their pet fixed for a low price.

Also, Trap, Neuter, Return program (TNR) is a program that helps reduce the number of feral cats in Michigan. Feral Cats are cats who are outdoor cats who are fearful of humans because they are not used to living around them. These cats will then reproduce creating more and more feral cats.

Voiceless-MI will teach you how to trap the feral cats, then they will take over and spay/neuter the cats and release them back into the world to happily live out their lives.

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