County commissioners amend a 2014 resolution

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By Ashley Jayne
Ingham County Chronicle

Ingham County commissioners talk before the start of the meeting.

Ingham County commissioners talk before the start of the meeting.

The Ingham County Board of Commissioners has voted to authorize a subcontract with the South Lansing Community Development Association for $25,952. The resolution for the subcontract passed unanimously and was discussed at the March 10 meeting. It amends a resolution that was passed in October 2014 to subcontract with several other nonprofit organizations in Ingham County. The contracts were authorized for the period of Oct. 1, 2014, through Sept. 30, 2015.

According to Commissioner Brian McGrain, the subcontract with the South Lansing Community Development Association was accidentally omitted from the original resolution.

“Contracts can essentially only be authorized by board action, and it was discovered after the fact that we hadn’t officially authorized their inclusion,” said McGrain. “I believe it was discovered when contracts were being written.”

McGrain also said the Association was included in original resolution, and that there will be no additional costs.
According to Commissioner Todd Tennis, the association has been subcontracting since 2008, as well as several other nonprofit organizations.

“Agencies provide quarterly reports, including programmatic and financial data, on their activities and services,” said Tennis. “Currently, we only use the information to ensure that sites are holding up to their contractual agreements.”

According to McGrain, the organizations included in the resolution act as liaisons between the board and the communities in Ingham County.

Kathie Dunbar is the executive director of the South Lansing Community Development Association. She said one of the biggest functions of the association is to provide neighborhoods access to community gardens and healthy food.
According to the Association’s website,, other goals include advocating for policies that benefit the community, connecting residents to community resources and encouraging local commerce.

Some of the other organizations under contract with the Board of Commissioners include the Allen Neighborhood Center, North West Initiative and the South Side Community Coalition.

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