Schools receive additional funding for 2014-2015

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The East Lansing Public School District secured approximately $175,000 in additional funding following the board of education’s adoption of the Best Practices Incentive Resolution at its March 22 meeting.

Three things you should about about the best practices incentive

The resolution, enacted by Gov. Rick Snyder in June of 2014, provides $50 per student to districts that have implemented seven of the nine best practices presented.

Some of the practices include accepting enrollment applications from students living outside of East Lansing, offering non-English language courses, and considering teacher and administrator job performance in compensation decisions.

According to Director of Finance Richard Pugh, the money will be added to the 2014-2015 budget for future projects and resources.

“We have a $36 million budget, so it’s not a significant portion to our budget, but every dollar counts,” he said.

School Board Vice President Nathaniel Lake Jr. said the resolution encourages Michigan schools to take action and work toward increasing the quality and efficiency of their district’s educational services.

“The Legislature built that in (the incentives) in trying to help schools improve their overall administration and running of the school systems,” he said.

School Board Trustee Karen Hoene acknowledges the value of employing these best practices and contributing to district improvements.

“I think that it’s a multi-faceted approach that is looking at many different aspects of what makes a school successful,” she said. “I think it’s a broad vision.”

By integrating practices that affect students, teachers and administrators, Hoene said she hopes the incentive will help move East Lansing Public Schools forward.

“I’m proud of us,” she said. “I think they (the best practices) are all very important. I’m glad we are stepping up and being recognized for it, and I hope that we can continue.”

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