Community members “go Greek” at Gracie’s Place

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By Meagan Beck
The Williamston Post

The sound of vegetables being finely chopped could be heard and the smell of spices filled Gracie’s Place on Monday night.

A new cooking class was being held at the restaurant and the night was filled with socializing and watching a chef who instructed the spectators on how to prepare Greek dishes.

Gracie’s Place hosts a series of cooking classes usually every month with a new theme.

The class is $55 per person with some group rates. It includes the dinner being taught and wine.

Scott Rutter, the executive chef, said Greek food hasn’t been taught before which was why it was the theme for the night.

Attendees were shown how to prepare a Greek salad, gyros and moussaka – with Scott’s tips and tricks.

“I try to take it from a professional aspect instead of a home-cook aspect,” Scott said.

Lansing residents Mary Griggs, Rose Braddock and a group of their friends have attended the cooking classes since they started happening in 2011.

The group started by attending for someone’s birthday and keep going back because of the good time they have and how informative the classes are.

“We’re not actually cooking but that’s OK, we’re watching it and (Scott) does a great job,” Braddock said.

She added that she has picked up a few tips from Scott since attending the classes.

“I can’t say I’ve tried a particular recipe he has done, but I’ve incorporated things I’ve learned from him in my cooking,” Braddock said.

Griggs said she enjoys the intimate atmosphere and being able to enjoy a nice evening out with friends.

“It’s a real personal feeling of being here with everyone, we’ve gotten to know the people (at Gracie’s Place),” Griggs said. “We look forward to coming back to the next presentation.”

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