Bath to provide library center for community members

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Bath is set to welcome a new addition that could potentially open doors for many of the citizens – their own library center.

Bath Library Center, a satellite site of Dewitt District Library, will be a small library located within Bath Corners shopping mall. It will offer a wide selection of books for children while working to serve older age groups.

Brought together largely by volunteering efforts and donations, the soon to open Bath Library was granted a budget to open. Bath Township Board gave a total of $75,000 to open and supply the center with books and equipment. The budget will be available for 17 months through 2013 – 2014. Community members have varied feelings on the project.

“My feeling as a resident is we need to see if this works,” said Paul Shaheen, community member and cofounder of Lansing Community Foundation. “Getting off the ground is the important thing.”

The library is still in the process of having a rounded and complete selection of books, as well as a computer center. The computer center will be a large addition to not just the library center but to the community.

“We don’t have any of that capability in Bath,” said Paula Clark, Bath Township supervisor. “That would fill a gap.”

The computer center would offer a space for students to work on assignments, as well as community members to be able to apply for potential jobs. The expansion into computers could lead to a marketing advantage for the library.

“We want to market the library,” said Shaheen. “They [youth] can Facebook, Twitter about what we’re doing.”

The library has not published a definite schedule of hours due to wanting to run a trial to see what best fits the community’s needs. The trial will run for six weeks until a schedule can be decided upon.

“[This is] just for the community to get comfortable,” said Deb Mercer, Chair of the Library Committee. “Good opportunity for us to become established.”
The grand opening of the Bath Library Center will be Sunday, October 20th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m and will feature free refreshments.

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